Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Put a Ring On it

I have never been a "string of pearls” kind of girl, actually never even thought I liked pearl jewelry, until now. What do you know, this year has been all about pearls, starting with the double pearl Chanel necklace ( click here), then the double sided Dior Tribal earrings (click here) and now these pearl rings.

I first spotted oversized pearl rings at the Chanel show and then pearl rings were all over the Fashion Weeks. These double pearl, open finger rings are so unexpected and fun.  Check the ones worn by Miraslava and Naseeba respectively:

Pic Courtesy: Athens-Streetstyle.com

Pic Courtesy: Naseebs

I especially love the ones worn by Naseeba, I would love to stack them up. From what I gather some of these rings are made by Chanel and others by Maria Stern or Natasha Zinko. The Chanel ones can obviously be found in their stores and online but I am unable to find the others, they seem to be sold out everywhere. 

Good news is that there are several DIY tutorials on the web that teach you how to make these rings pretty inexpensively and easily. I am not very good at making my own jewelry but I love these rings so much that I am willing to give it a shot. Lets see what I end up with...

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  1. pearls are the new diamonds!