Monday, March 17, 2014

Double Sided Earrings

I literally did a double take when I first saw these double sided Dior Pearl Tribal earrings on Jennifer Lawrence. I was so mesmerized by their super cool front and back design. What added to their allure was that they were classy (pearls) but also tough-girl - all at the same time. What a marvelous contradiction.

Pic CourtesyEOnlineDior

Soon after the initial sighting I saw Emma Watson wear the same pair at the Golden Globes but she wore only one earring instead of the pair and that looked real good too. Since then Dior has come out with several different colors in the same style and they suggest mixing and matching them to have a fun new combination every time.

Pic Courtesy: Dior

Other designers too have jumped on to the double sided earring bandwagon and have come out with very interesting versions. Check out this pair by Givenchy:

Pic Courtesy: Matches Fashion

Just today I saw a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing this stone encrusted pair by Vita Fede.

Pic Courtesy: Fabsugar

The double sided earrings are definitely more intriguing than your standard stud and make twice the impact. This is one bandwagon I am defi jumping on :)

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