Friday, April 11, 2014

Ear Jackets

Ear jackets, the add-on accessory for stud earrings, have been around forever but this season they have gone beyond the usual and standard designs. Traditionally, they are colored stone jackets that can be added to go around your stone or pearl stud earrings.

The new styles no longer just add perimeter to the earrings -  they are added to the post, behind the ear and hang below the lobe !!! This is what they look like:

Pic Courtesy: Jacquie Aiche

And this is what they look like when worn:

Pic Courtesy: Stanakaticland

Jeweler Jacquie Aiche has taken these jackets to a new level, she calls her collection both classy and badass. Her decorative backings are adorned with diamonds or pave stones and are catching on with a lot of celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio.

Check out some of the variations of the above:

Pic Courtesy: Fabsugar

I love what Kate Mara has done with her ear jacket, it just looks stunning.  Here is a closer look:

Pic Courtesy: Fabsugar

Upon closer inspection and a little bit of research here is what I learnt - she has three pieces going on - one is the stud, second is the ear jacket (of course) below the lobe and finally a ruby ear cuff above the stud. How ingenious is that??? I am definitely going to try and recreate this look - the search for the pieces is now on.

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  1. Love that! Never knew what the name was for such kind of earpiece

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