Monday, April 14, 2014


Whenever I think of a music festival, be it Coachella or Glastonbury or any other, the first thing I think of is fun and funky head gear. My all time fave headpieces (although none of the ones below was worn to a music festivals) are:

The Chanel headpiece worn by Christine Centenera - my style icon. How great does it look?

Pic Courtesy: La Modella Mafia

The next is another Chanel piece (dang, why can I not like something that I can actually go out and buy??) worn by Miroslava Duma.

Pic Courtesy: Vogue UK

I love how both these ladies have made, what could be traditionally very ethnic pieces, into edgy contemporary headgear just by how they wore them. Kudos!!!

The next one is a Balenciaga headpiece worn by who else - Christine Centenera.....

Pic Courtesy:

How different and fun is this piece??? Now if I could only have one of them, any of them, I am not picky ;)))

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