Tuesday, March 4, 2014


OK so they are not for little kids only, anymore. Designers are showing many different versions of the overalls. Of course they are available in denim but they are also showing up in leather versions, which are so not PG.... they can look down right sexy.

They are being dressed up or down in several different ways - with blouses, t-shirt's, crop tops and sports bras. Stars seem to have taken a real liking for this trend. Check out the pics below:

Photo Courtesy: Photobombdaily.com

Photo Courtesy: JustJared.com

Pic Courtesy: Glamour.com

So what do you think - Is this a trend you are going to embrace - or are you kinda like - been there done that? Personally, I am really digging the leather overalls, I may give that a try.

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